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 ​​​​About BIH  

Our program mission is to help more babies make it to their first birthday by ensuring their mothers have healthy pregnancies.  Black Infant Health provides education emphasizing the importance of early and continuous prenatal care, well-child check-ups, breastfeeding, and timely and complete immunizations to ensure babies are born healthy and grow into healthy children.

Together with our expanded family of Santa Clara County services and programs, we aim to meet our program goals to:

  • Empower women, build resilience, and reduce stress
  • Promote healthy behaviors to support health, wellness, and relationships
  • Promote healthy relationships, and enhance bonding and parenting skills
  • Connect women with medical, social, and mental health services
  • Engage communities to raise awareness and support BIH efforts to improve outcomes for African-American women and their families 

Though the goal of the BIH program is to reduce infant mortality, services have been expanded to target the needs of the entire family. This is done through a multidisciplinary team of public health nurses, mental health professionals, health educators, and family health advocates who provide comprehensive case management and other services to African-American women who are pregnant.

You can make a difference!

Together, we can make a difference to help ensure that all babies are born healthy!


County of Santa Clara Black Infant Health Program

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