Immunization Resources for School and Child Care Entry

California school immunization law outlines the immunizations required for school and childcare entry. Please encourage parents to make sure their children receive all of the CDC-recommended vaccines, in addition to the ones required for school and child care entry. These resources will help you to comply with state of California immunization requirements for your facility as well as help you complete California School Immunization Records.

    The California Immunization Registry (CAIR2) is a secure, confidential, statewide computerized immunization information system for California residents. It allows any authorized user to immediately obtain immunization information on any California child. Participation in CAIR is voluntary and free.

    CAIR allows your school to:

    • Search for student records
    • Create and manage student lists
    • Generate compliance reports
    • View and print immunization cards
    • View and print blue cards

    To register visit here:

    Looking for an Immunization Record?
    Request Complete Immunization History
    Request Digital COVID-19 Vaccine Record Troubleshoot Problems


    Contact your CAIR Bay Area Regional Representative about integrating this computerized system into your office practices. 


    Schools will be reporting the immunization status of Pre-kindergarten, TK/Kindergarten, and 7th grade.

    Instructions for Immunization Assessment

    Reporting Site

    What is conditional admission?

    In limited circumstances, some children who have not received one or more required immunizations may attend child care or school while they catch up on these immunizations.

    Conditional Admission Schedule

    Medical Exemptions

    All new medical exemptions for school and child care entry must be issued through the CAIR-ME website. Medical exemptions can only be issued by MDs or DOs licensed in California and must meet applicable  criteria.

    Existing medical exemptions issued before 2021:

    •  Are valid for continuing and transfer students until the earliest of the following dates:
      • When the child enrolls in the next grade span (TK/K-6th grade or 7th-12th grade).
      • The expiration date specified in a temporary medical exemption.
      • Revocation of the exemption because the issuing physician has been subject to disciplinary action from the physician’s licensing entity.
    • CDPH will review exemptions in CAIR-ME when:
      • Child care facility/school sites report immunization rates<95% or do not report immunization rates
      • Physicians submit 5 or more MEs in a calendar year
      • Review is deemed necessary to protect public health
    • Allows CDPH to revoke exemptions issued in CAIR-ME and parents to appeal

    the revocation

    • Prevents physicians from submitting new MEs if they are on probation or

    have a pending accusation for immunization-related practices or are

    deemed a public health risk.

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    If you have questions about reviewing immunization records, the Annual Report, or the Selective Review, please contact:

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